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Dogs make the best pool accessories. Who doesn’t love watching their pet paddle around the pool or shaking the water out of their fur? But owning a pool comes with a certain amount of responsibility. If you’re a pool owner who likes to swim with your furry friend, you need to make sure you’re keeping your pool sanitary and bacteria-free. Otherwise, you and your pet could get into trouble.

Chlorine is the chemical of choice when it comes to keeping a pool clean and free of bacteria. Despite some common misconceptions, even saltwater pools use chlorine to ward off potentially harmful bacteria like algae and other pollutants. And the truth is that most pool chemicals are safe for pets as long as you use the recommended amount in the pool. Pool chemicals alone can be dangerous to pets, but when they’re dispersed in the pool water, you shouldn’t have to worry about your pet swimming around in the pool.

Call us for a free quote to discuss how we can make your backyard pool safe for your pet and the whole family.

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